Hold and Earn.
Highest fixed APY


One of the Highest Paying Auto-Staking &
Auto-Compounding Protocol in Crypto.

We have identified the following critical aspects to support this interest rate and consistent financial development for our investors:

The Spillionaire Reserves hold 5% of all trading fees, which helps to maintain and back the staking rewards by ensuring market stability.

Regardless of your investment level, you will begin to get your interest yield into your wallet after you purchase the token, and it will be the next rebase.

In the first 12 months, Spillionaire pays out 484,379.60%, which is one of the highest APY the market.

Spillionaire rewards each holder every 15 minutes, or 96 times per day, making it one of the quickest auto-compounding mechanism in the the world.

The deflationary process will burn 2% of each and every transaction, allowing Spillionaire to retain one of one of the highest APY accessible on the market.

Spillionaire Finance is transforming DeFi with the Spillionaire Autostaking Protocol (GPE) that delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY.

It is a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model.

Spillionaire delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY, paid every 15 minutes, and a simple buy-hold-earn system that grows your $SC portfolio in your wallet fast.

How much can I earn?


YOU CAN EARN UP TO $484,379,600.00 USD OF $SC AT 484,379.60% APY.


  • Initial Supply: 5,124,764,693.67
  • Token Name: Spillionaire Coin
  • Symbol: SC
  • 18.2% - Liquidity
  • 36.48% - Fair Launch on Pinksale
  • 2.07% - auto Burned
  • 0% - Locked team
  • % - Auto liquidity pool
  • 1% - Airdrop


BUY 13%


  • 4% - Automatic LP
  • 2% - SC Treasury
  • 5% - SC Reserves
  • 2% - Burn

SELL 17%


  • 5% - Automatic LP
  • 5% - SC Treasury
  • 5% - SC Reserves
  • 2% - Burn

LP - Trading fees support the liquidity of the BNB/SC pair on PancakeSwap, ensuring that $SC collateral value continues to riset thought spillswap would be idea for the Spill token.

SC Reserves (SC) - Trading fees are held in the Spillionaire Reserves, which helps to sustain and support the favorable rebase staking incentives.

SC Treasury - Trading fees go straight to the Treasury, which supports the SC, provides Spillionaire with a marketing budget, and pays new product development.

Burn - While trading $SC, 2% of it is burnt within the Burn.

How to Auto-Stake?

You receive rebase incentives as interest payments straight into your wallet by just purchasing and holding Spillionaire token in your wallet. Every 15 minutes, your tokens will rise.

Spillionaire’s Positive Rebase formula allows token distribution to be paid directly proportionate to epoch rebase incentives, which are worth 0.02269% of the entire number of Spillionaire Tokens stored in your wallet every 15 minute epoch period. All $SC holders receive rebase incentives once per EPOCH (15 minute rebase time).

  • Technology consulting
  • Build Phase - dApp V1 Dashboard
  • Business Model Documentation development (website, whitepaper, Present service)
  • PR Marketing
  • Build Phase - Smart Contract
  • Seek KYC & Audit
  • Deployment Phase - Smart Contract - Testnet Smart Contract Audit
  • Redue Listings
  • Deployment Phase - Smart Contract
  • Project review
  • Deployment - Mainnet
  • YouTube Marketing Campaign AMA's Twitter Marketing Campaign
  • Awareness + Bounty Campaigns
  • Set Holder count Mission
  • Fair Launch on Pinksale
  • Community building games
  • Pinksale Liquidity Locked 3 years
  • Buckle up for the moon

What is APY?

APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield. This measures the real rate of return on your principal tokens amount by taking into account the effect of compounding interest. In the case of Spillionaire, your $SC tokens represent your principal, and the compound interest is added periodically on every Rebase event (Every 15 minutes).

Your new principal amount is your then current Mind token amount, plus your new rebase token amount. This total amount is what gets calculated for your next rebase rewards. One interesting fact about APY is that your balance will grow not linearly but exponentially over time!

Assuming every 15 minutes compound interest of 0.02269%, if you start with a balance of 1 $SC on day 1, after a year, your balance will grow to about 4,200.355,10 $SC. That is the power of compound interest!


Spillionaire Finance is transforming DeFi with the Spillionaire Autostaking Protocol (KPE) that delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY. It is a decentralized financial asset which rewards users with a sustainable fixed compound interest model.
Binance Smart Chain
You can buy $SC on Fair Launch at Pinksale.Finance or at Launch on Pancakeswap and other exchanges.
$SC is a BEP20 token which rewards its holders with automatic passive interest payments every 15 minutes. We not only have one of the highest APY on the crypto market but defi as a service isnt its primary defense. It's providing actaul growth, service or rather utility spillstream! Where you get paid for doing the things you actaully love, join the community for updates and find out how spill stream differs from any other jump, run, sleep/etc protocol in existance.
No, there is no Whitelist